12 Apr 2017

Garlic For Natural weight loss

Garlic which is mostly used as spice for food has been known for centuries for its qualities. Garlic prevents diseases and has so many health benefits.  When it comes to weight loss, garlic is indeed a great natural medicinal food. It contains the compound allicin which has anti-bacterial effects and helps reduce unhealthy fats and cholesterol.

Garlic For Natural weight loss:

Take time to peel the garlic then blend it. Add normal water when blending. Make a juice from the garlic with just water and Garlic. not too thick, not too light. You can choose to filter the chaff from the juice, I prefer leaving mine like that. This juice should be used for a few days then you prepare another one. You can keep your juice in the fridge for next day's use. Drink about 10 ml (2 teaspoons) first thing every early morning. Keep doing this for about 1 month.

Health Benefits of Garlic:
Garlic prevents heart disease and cancer, fights infections,

8 Sep 2015

Weight Loss Books/ Weight Loss Videos

Weight loss is the reduction of the total body mass of a person. We have carefully selected these powerful weight loss books and weight loss videos below, there have been lots of testimonies from people who bought these. You can buy them from Amazon the online store. These will teach you the best ways and exercises to lose weight naturally within few weeks.  Click on any for more info.

The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution: 2 Weeks to Drop Pounds, Boost Metabolism, and Get Healthy (A DASH Diet Book)

Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Revised Edition

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much: A 4-Step Plan to Finally Lose the Weight, Manage Emotional Eating, and Find Your Fabulous Self

The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence: A Woman's Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More

Super Shred: The Big Results Diet: 4 Weeks, 20 Pounds, Lose It Faster!

Fé Fit Women's 13-Week, 90-Day Workout Program with 28 Videos Under 30 Minutes: The Best Workout DVDs for Women to Flatten Abs, Firm and Tighten Glutes, and Get Rid of Arm Jiggle.

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The Ultimate Workouts for Weight Loss: 4-DVD Collection

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UFC Fit Workout DVD the Ultimate Weight Loss and Exercise Video

The weight loss video here will teach you exercises that will help you to loss a reasonable amount of weight, many people who bought this video have testified good of it and have given it a 5 star rating. All you need is to do the exercises within a short time daily ranging from 23 to 43 minutes a day to get a very outstanding result within a period of few weeks. 

Here is one of the testimonies:

"I'm only three weeks in, finishing every dvd, and I'm already down 5 lbs!! Anyone looking to change their body and work out at home needs to try this!"

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Shaun T's FOCUS T25 Base Kit - DVD Workout

This is another great weight loss work out video that will be of great help to you. This wonderful video teaches you the exercises which you will perform for about 25 minutes everyday to obtain very good results within few weeks. Below is one of the testimonies about this:

"So far I've lost 11 pounds through 8 weeks (started just after Halloween, so this included losing weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas), 3 inches off of my waist, 4 inches off of my hips, 1 inch off each arm, 2 inches off each thigh. I've lost weight every week"

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Is exercise meant only for people who are trying to lose weight? No, everybody need exercise. The reason why everybody need it is because even if you are not trying to lose weight you really need some basic exercises to keep yourself healthy and strong. Body exercise is very profitable to the human body. It doesn't only help in getting your body strong, it helps take away waste from the body e.g by sweat, helps in digestion, it helps us to live longer and stronger. Make it a hobby, do it everyday.

Exercise helps the blood to circulate and to flow well in the body, it helps the muscles to be strong and fit, it helps in preventing sicknesses. Exercise is also a major cure to some sicknesses, eg. Romanticism and a lot more benefits. Keep exercising, keep fit, keep strong; get some of those exercising machines, also get some of the weightloss books/ videos now because you can learn a lot from each of them. 

6 Sep 2013

Water Therapy

The long and short period death-causing diseases can be cured by a very simple way.  It is called the “water therapy.” The Japanese Medical Association has published an article on it, and explains that if you practice water therapy you will be cured from long and short period death-causing diseases mentioned below:


1.   Headache, Blood Pressure, anemia, paralysis, fast heart beat and fainting.
2.   Cough, bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis (TB).
3.   Hyperacidity, gastritis, dysentery, constipation, piles, diabetes.
4.   All eye problems.
5.   Women’s irregular periods and cancer of the reproductive system.
6.   Disease of the nose, the ear and the throat.

Method of Water Therapy
Get up early in the morning and even before brushing your teeth and washing your face, drink water up to four (4) glasses then don’t drink or eat for at least forty-five (45) minutes. After drinking the water you may brush your teeth and wash your face. When you begin this therapy, don't drink water immediately after eating food whether your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you must always wait for two hours when you have finished your food before drinking water. Avoid eating food just before going to bed.

The sick and diseased people are advised to begin with one or two glasses of water, and then slowly may increase on up to four glasses of water first thing every morning, and may continue drinking regularly. Speaking truthfully, all sick and healthy people should try this water therapy. The sick will be cured and restored to their health, while the healthy will hardly ever fall ill.

The quantity of water you take later in the day is up to you, what is important here is that you take four
glasses early in the morning and don't drink water immediately after a meal.
Through experience and observation, it has been found out that the following different diseases were cured within the period shown below:

  1. Highpertention- High Blood Pressure  - 1 month 
  2. Gas problems  - 10 days
  3. Diabetes – 1 month
  4. Constipation – 10 days
  5. Cancer  -  6 months
  6. Tuberculosis  -  3 months

Those who suffer Gas and Rheumatism should do this therapy 3 times a day for 10 days. This water therapy is really very easy and simple, it does not cost even a penny. Indeed, this method works like a miracle for the poor of our country because it restores their health without any money or medicine.

All men and women are advised to advertise this water therapy so that all sick people can be helped to cure their diseases. Those who cannot drink 4 glasses at a time should begin by drinking one or two glasses initially and slowly reach up to 4 glasses. Only in the beginning for about 3 days one has to urinate frequently. But after 3 or 4days the urine will be regular.

Be healthy and remain healthy.

19 Apr 2013

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14 Nov 2012

Dieting: The Role of Fruits in Natural Health

Most fruits function as natural laxatives which helps to regulate your body's digestive process. They provide roughage and fiber that is important in helping your body get rid of wastes making you maintain a good and healthy body, as a result all unwanted wastes and weights are removed for that day.  

Fruits contains important vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy. Oranges and other citrus fruits, strawberries and many other fruits contain vitamins C, A and E which are important anti-oxidants, protecting your body from the damage caused by free radicals. 

The bright colors of many fruits are actually another source of benefits of fruit. The pigments that make
blueberries blue and cranberries red are actually something called Phytonutrients and they are extremely powerful antioxidants that help protect your body against cancer-causing free radicals and may slow down some of the effects of aging. 

What about vegetables? They are just the same like fruits, the play a major role in keeping the body healthy. 


Apart from the advantages we get from the consumption of fruits and vegetables they can also be used to help in weight control. Fruits and vegetables weigh as much as other foods but the amount of calories contained in them is not the same. When you eat a huge quantity of fruits and vegetables it won't give you much fat in your body. You should eat more of fruits and vegetables so that you can get less calories.

Also fruits and vegetables help in digestion of the other foods you eat so that your body digests well, absorb the necessary and disposes the unnecessary. It is a win - win situation when you eat more of fruits and vegetables.