Flat Tummy In 2 Weeks

How To Make Your Tummy Flat Fast

Have you been struggling of how to get a flat tummy? Well getting a flat tummy is actually not an easy thing to achieve but the fact is that if you decide no matter how big your tummy is as long as you are not pregnant you can actually get your tummy very flat and Fast. This is a natural way to lose weight fast and if you apply these things I'm about to show you here, all of them, your tummy will go completely flat within the next two weeks. It might not be easy but it is very achievable. I have personally applied it and it works with speed if you combine all of the given technics here. When you've gotten your tummy flat you might not put much effort again, what you'll need is to be doing the exercise just about once or twice a week but as for your diet, you must have to keep it on constant watch else you will go back to your former weight or even worse.

Dieting: You will have to watch you diet. Refrain from starchy, fatty and junk foods. Eat more of fruits and vegetables. Avoid snacks especially within the first two weeks you are starting your exercise.
  • Also, you will have to cut down the size of your food. Cut it into half of what you used to eat before or at most 3/4, (three quarter). 
  • Ensure not to eat more than 3 times in a day. If you feel you are hungry try to drink water or take some fruits.
  • Try also to always eat your last meal for the day latest by 6 pm.
  • Don't be moved by any amount of hunger, once you've eaten for the day bear it. It will take some time before your system adjusts to being satisfied with your reduced quantity of food consumption. 

Exercising : This particular exercise I will explain for you here coupled with what I've explained above works like magic.  It works with speed. You might feel some pain on your tummy for the first 4 or five days but ignore the pain, it won't harm you. Don't think because of the pain you won't be able to continue though the pain won't be that much anywhere but just try to continue with your exercise and as you continue the pain will vanish. Once your tummy is flat you wouldn't need to keep doing the exercise everyday again, it might just be once in a week but you will always have to watch your meals(what you eat and quantity) as much as possible.

  • Lie down with your back flat on the ground, this position lets your eyes straight to the ceiling. (hard surface don't use your bed)
  • Ensure that the back of your head is touching the ground
  • Ensure that the back of your heels are touching the ground (your back foot, that is, your ankles)
  • Ensure that your two legs are together and that your big toes are touching each other or tied together (don't separate your legs, let it be in closed position or just tie your big toes together)
  • Ensure that your two hands are firmly by your sides and must keep touching your sides throughout the process. You shouldn't raise or shift your hands at anytime whether during rising or laying down. (your hands should be straight and by your sides such as should be if you were to stand on attention).
  • Rise up to a sitting position from the ground with your head, your two hands firmly by your sides unmoved and your heels firmly on the ground unmoved. Your elbows are bent as you are sit and  your hands go back to a straight position as you lie down again maintaining touching your sides.
  • Go back to a laying position still with your two hands firmly by your sides unmoved and your heels must keep touching the ground throughout the process. 
  • continue process for like 30 times or more every early morning before breakfast.

Avoid Alcohol: alcohol causes indigestion of food resulting in big tummy. If you do take alcoholic drinks  and you have a big tummy then you will have to avoid it. Some people drink but don't experience the big tummy issue. Different people's bodies react differently to the same situation. You just have to know that alcohol is not good for the body whether big tummy or not especially when it is in excess, it causes more harm than good.


  1. hi Lucy dear, beautiful write up you have here. I will apply it to myself cos i would love a flat tummy as well.
    keep up with the good works, you will go far.

  2. Thank you. It works like magic please do it.